Deserted buildings, that once were castles, inhabited now by strange silences. Flutters of wind, Tinkles of glass, Dark corners, sad old walls. The blending of time . . . A distant world found in the depths of a mind of many realities

This is a series of photographs taken in and around north Manchester, England, which show the magical aspects of ordinary places, with emphasis placed upon natural forces working within the urban boundaries.

The cities of northern England have been photographed on many occasions, and the eye of the beholder has often been persuaded to see nothing more than the decaying remnants of the region's industrial past and present which have tended to clutter the collective consciousness of popular culture with regard to the North: grimy streets, dark buildings, satanic mills, rows of terraced houses etc. etc. etc.

Here, by way of contrast, the camera is focused on the detail, in preference to taking a more wide-ranging, panoramic, view of the region. These images reflect just a few of the multifarious instances of pure magic which lie waiting to be discovered in so many locations in any one of the post-industrial cities of northern England.
Each photograph is a record, pure and simple, albeit a record of pure magic - magic light, magic shapes, magic juxtapositions . . . Everything that can be seen here had a real existence in time and place and was not arranged in any way. This fact is in itself an intrinsically important part of their true meaning and their beauty.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images as much as I enjoyed making them.

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